Climate change


Children as a group are particularly vulnerable to changes in their environment.  Climate change has the potential to severely impact their rights to life, health, education, water, food, shelter and culture, as well as other rights.  Climate change can also impact children from an inter-generational perspective; the effects of behaviour by today’s actors will be felt by today’s children and future generations. 

A selection of items on climate change and children is accessible below.

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Key reports & initiatives

Business must take the initiative in dealing with disaster

Lord Ashdown, UNICEF UK in Guardian (UK)
Business community can play key role in building resilience, preventing the next exreme weather from being a major disaster.

Climate change will push more children into work
Maplecroft, 1 Dec 2010

Carbon Positive: a chance to protect children affected by climate change
Paddy Ashdown, Guardian (UK), 8 April 2010
On a UNICEF initiative that “urges businesses to go beyond simply reducing their emissions and to take a lead in tackling climate change”.
   Carbon Positive
   UK Committee for UNICEF
   Includes a Business calculator for companies wanting to become “carbon positive”.

Climate Change, Child Rights and Intergenerational Justice
Institute of Development Studies, Nov 2009

Climate change and children: A human security challenge
UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre, Nov 2008

’Climate change will hit vulnerable children’
Paul Eccleston, Telegraph (UK), 29 Apr 2008
   Our climate, our children, our responsibility: The implications of climate change for the world’s children
   UK Committee for UNICEF, 2008

Case examples

Eco-Cooking Eases Climate Change in the Third World

Cassie Ryan, Epoch Times, 18 Jun 2010

Climate change ‘could kill 400,000 children every year’
Louise Gray, Telegraph (UK), 30 Nov 2009

By 2050, 25m more children will go hungry as climate change leads to food crisis
Suzanne Goldenberg, Guardian (UK), 30 Sep 2009

Business call for action on climate change
WWF, Sep 2009

Women, children feeling effects of climate change
Cleaner (Jamaica), 2 May 2009

Beware your children: They might be ‘Climate Cops’
WorldNetDaily, 28 Jul 2008

Papua New Guinea: The World’s First Climate Change ‘Refugees’
Integrated Regional Information Networks, in Worldpress, 11 Jun 2008
Women and children considered particularly vulnerable.

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17 December 2018

Environmental campaigners say cocoa industry not meeting deforestation pledges in Ghana & Ivory Coast

Author: Ruth Maclean, The Guardian

"Africa cocoa industry failing on deforestation pledge - campaigners", 7 December 2018....

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18 December 2018

Indigenous communities on the frontlines of climate-forced displacement call upon world leaders to address climate crisis

Author: Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

"In the last 10 years, millions of people have been displaced due to the impacts of climate change. Rising seas, melting permafrost, erosion, and flooding are causing entire communities to relocate....

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7 January 2019

Kenya: Solar-powered motorcycles development initiative aims to reduce carbon emission

Author: Deutsche Welle

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14 January 2019

Kenya: Global Compact urges businesses to embrace sustainable practices on labour, environment & human rights

Author: Judy Njino, Global Compact Network (Kenya), in Mediamax (Kenya)

"Sustainable businesses can unlock growth"...

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5 February 2019

Kenyan banks target first green bond to support war on climate change

Author: Brian Ngugi, Business Daily (Kenya)

"Kenyan banks target first green bond by end of the year"...

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18 March 2019

Africans urged to scrutinise climate change solutions offered by fossils fuels industry to ensure local communities' voices are heard

Author: Agbonkhese Oboh, Vanguard (Nigeria)

“Delegates to Africa Climate Week urged to reject ‘false’ solutions to climate change” ...

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29 March 2019

Commentary: Why land related conflicts in areas impacted by infrastructural projects in Kenya should be resolved urgently

Author: Ikal Angelei (Friends of Lake Turkana), in Standard Digital (Kenya)

"Why land related issues in Turkana should be dealt with presently"...

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11 April 2019

Businesses & investors call on Intl. Energy Agency to adopt more ambitious climate scenario in energy outlook models

Author: Leslie Hook & Anjli Raval, Financial Times

"IEA's climate models criticised as too fossil-fuel friendly", 2 April, 2019...

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12 April 2019

Report analyses role of human rights treaty bodies in enforcing States' duty to protect people from adverse impacts of climate change

In 2018, the human rights treaty bodies of the United Nations (UN) made an unprecedented number of recommendations to States concerning their legal obligations to protect people from the adverse impacts of climate change, according to a new report by...

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15 April 2019
+ Français - Hide

Author: Rachel Richterich, Le Temps (Suisse)

« Le blues des « durablologues » », 12 avril 2019 ...

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