Climate change


Children as a group are particularly vulnerable to changes in their environment.  Climate change has the potential to severely impact their rights to life, health, education, water, food, shelter and culture, as well as other rights.  Climate change can also impact children from an inter-generational perspective; the effects of behaviour by today’s actors will be felt by today’s children and future generations. 

A selection of items on climate change and children is accessible below.

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Key reports & initiatives

Business must take the initiative in dealing with disaster

Lord Ashdown, UNICEF UK in Guardian (UK)
Business community can play key role in building resilience, preventing the next exreme weather from being a major disaster.

Climate change will push more children into work
Maplecroft, 1 Dec 2010

Carbon Positive: a chance to protect children affected by climate change
Paddy Ashdown, Guardian (UK), 8 April 2010
On a UNICEF initiative that “urges businesses to go beyond simply reducing their emissions and to take a lead in tackling climate change”.
   Carbon Positive
   UK Committee for UNICEF
   Includes a Business calculator for companies wanting to become “carbon positive”.

Climate Change, Child Rights and Intergenerational Justice
Institute of Development Studies, Nov 2009

Climate change and children: A human security challenge
UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre, Nov 2008

’Climate change will hit vulnerable children’
Paul Eccleston, Telegraph (UK), 29 Apr 2008
   Our climate, our children, our responsibility: The implications of climate change for the world’s children
   UK Committee for UNICEF, 2008

Case examples

Eco-Cooking Eases Climate Change in the Third World

Cassie Ryan, Epoch Times, 18 Jun 2010

Climate change ‘could kill 400,000 children every year’
Louise Gray, Telegraph (UK), 30 Nov 2009

By 2050, 25m more children will go hungry as climate change leads to food crisis
Suzanne Goldenberg, Guardian (UK), 30 Sep 2009

Business call for action on climate change
WWF, Sep 2009

Women, children feeling effects of climate change
Cleaner (Jamaica), 2 May 2009

Beware your children: They might be ‘Climate Cops’
WorldNetDaily, 28 Jul 2008

Papua New Guinea: The World’s First Climate Change ‘Refugees’
Integrated Regional Information Networks, in Worldpress, 11 Jun 2008
Women and children considered particularly vulnerable.

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2 December 2019

South Sudan: Govt. replaces small polluting generators with diesel-run plant despite signing Paris Agreement on climate change

Author: Reuters

"Energy-short South Sudan powers up - but with fossil fuels"...

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4 December 2019

So. Africa: Financial giant pledges to disclose fossil fuel-related assets and lending

Author: News 24 (South Africa)

‘FirstRand commits to disclosing fossil fuel exposure’ 28 November 2019...

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4 December 2019

So. Africa: Oil giant angers some investors by failure to present resolution on climate change

Author: Mining Weekly (South Africa)

‘Sasol scores ‘own goal’ as climate pressure mounts in South Africa’ 29 November 2019...

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9 December 2019

Chile: Groups launch alternative climate event focusing on access to water & climate justice

Author: Sandra Cuffe, Aljazeera

"Chile groups launch alternative climate event despite COP25 move", 2 December 2019...

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9 December 2019

Govts. & companies most responsible for climate change should mobilise finance to assist those most affected

Author: Thomas Hirscha (Climate and Development Advice), ACT Alliance, Brot fur die Welt, Lutheran World Federation, World Council of Churches

"Protecting the most vulnerable while working for climate justice", 12 March 2019...

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13 December 2019

CEOs of Microsoft, Apple, Google and more urge Trump administration to stay in Paris climate deal

Author: Nat Levy, GeekWire

...[D]riving progress on addressing climate change is what’s best for the economic health, jobs, and competitiveness of our companies and our country...  [W]e stand by our conviction that a commitment to the Paris Agreement requires a just transition...

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13 December 2019

COP25 delegates should recognize that to protect environment, they need to protect its defenders, says Human Rights Watch

Author: Letta Tayler, Cara Schulte & Katharina Rall, Human Rights Watch

"Targeted: Counterterrorism Measures Take Aim at Environmental Activists", 28 Nov 2019...

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13 January 2020

Report finds top fossil fuel companies responsible for more than half of ocean acidification affecting coastal communities & marine life

Author: R Licker, B Ekwurzel, S C Doney, S R Cooley, I D Lima, R Heede & P C Frumhoff, on IOP Science

...[M]ore than half of the global surface ocean acidification is attributable to the CO2 emissions traced to the extraction, refining and combustion of fossil fuels and manufacturing of cement from the 88 largest carbon producers... Of these 88 major...

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17 January 2020

Microsoft pledges to remove more carbon than it produces by 2030

Author: Jay Green, Washington Post

Microsoft... announced plans to remove more carbon than it emits by [2030]... “The scientific consensus is clear. The world today is confronted with an urgent carbon crisis,” Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella said... “Each of us is going to need...

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17 January 2020

USA: BlackRock makes climate change central to investment strategy

BlackRock announced on 14 January 2020 that it would make climate change central to its investment considerations. Citing the impact climate change has on the financial sector, BlackRock released a letter to its clients detailing the changes which...

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