Adaptation involves steps taken to adjust to new challenges brought about by climate change: both by reducing communities' overall vulnerability, and strengthening their preparedness for adverse events such as floods.

From a business and human rights perspective, an important role for companies in adaptation is to support vulnerable workers, communities and individuals affected by climate change throughout their supply chains.

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10 December 2018

International Labour Organization (ILO) maps how green jobs benefit workers and economies, mitigate climate change, prevent health & safety risks and increase productivity

Author: International Labour Organization

"...Some 23 countries have decoupled economic growth from GHG emissions as a result of the increased use of renewable energy, carbon pricing, green product subsidies and green jobs, among other policies. Environmental sustainability can be achieved...

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24 April 2018

New book explores opportunities & challenges for integrating human rights into global climate governance

Author: Sébastien Duyck, Sébastien Jodoin & Alyssa Johl, Routledge

Over the last decade, the world has increasingly grappled with the complex linkages emerging between efforts to combat climate change and to protect human rights around the world. The Paris Climate Agreement adopted in December 2015 recognized the...

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14 March 2018

UN CEDAW committee adopts General Recommendation on States' women's rights obligations with climate-related disaster risk reduction

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27 September 2017

Integrating human rights into Paris Rule Book essential for effective implementation of Agreement, says new report

Author: Sébastien Duyck & Erika Lennon (Center for International Environmental Law), Lakpa Nuri Sherpa (Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact), Tonya Rawe (CARE), Anabella Rosemberg (International Trade Union Confederation), Kathrin Wessendorf & Lærke Marie Lund Petersen (International Working Group for Indigenous Affairs), Monica Camacho (Rainforest Foundation Norway) & Juliana Vélez Uribe (WEDO)

"Delivering on the Paris Promises: Combating Climate Change while Protecting Rights," 27 September 2017...

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9 September 2017

Commentary: How to get gender-responsive adaptation right

Author: Jennifer Baumwoll, Eco-business

Why is it so difficult to integrate gender into climate change responses?... Observers mention a number of hurdles such as limited resources, lack of information or deficient expertise —it seems that many practitioners lack an understanding of how to...

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31 August 2017

Commentary: Gender must be at the heart of climate action

Author: Isabella Lövin and Howard Bamsey, Eco-business

"Gender must be at the heart of climate action," 30 August 2017...

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23 August 2017

Increased engagement by industries & governments needed to address threat of climate change to global security

Author: Gulrez Shah Azhar, Eco-business

"Weathering the violence of climate change," 16 August 2017...

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7 April 2017

Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson calls on private sector to respect human rights in actions on sustainable development & climate change

Author: Mary Robinson Foundation - Climate Justice

The private sector must be an active contributor to sustainable development that respects human rights and labour rights, and upholds environmental and governance standards in their global operations, including throughout their supply chains. By...

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23 November 2016

Vietnam: Ecofarm aims to increase agricultural sustainability & farmers' resilience to climate change

Author: Business Call to Action Press Release, in 3BL Media

"Creating Big Impacts with Small Farmers", 21 Nov 2016...

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21 November 2016

Govts., businesses, cities & civil society must work together to adapt for a climate resilient future

Author: Jennifer Morgan, Greenpeace International

"The world unites, vulnerable countries inspire – but there’s hard work ahead," 18 Nov 2016...

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