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12 February 2016

Dominican Rep.: Supermarkets switch to sustainable bananas, but workers see minimal benefits

Author: Tom Levitt, Guardian (UK)

"Lidl is the latest to switch to sustainable bananas. Will it make a difference?", 6 Feb 2016...

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2 October 2015

"In work but trapped in poverty: A summary of five studies conducted by Oxfam, with updates on progress along the road to a living wage"

Author: Rachel Wilshaw, Sloane Hamilton, Julie Théroux-Séguin & Daisy Gardener, Oxfam

Oxfam believes that access to decent work on a living wage is a fundamental pathway out of poverty, and one of the best ways to counter growing inequality. This summary of recent Oxfam research paints a picture of workers, mostly women, who are...

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17 March 2015

UK: Not a single high street retail chain will commit to pay living wage, investigation finds

Author: James Moore, Independent (UK)

Retailers have come under fire after investigations by The Independent revealed that not a single high street retail chain has guaranteed staff the living wage. Last week National Express became the first transport company to become an accredited UK...

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10 June 2014

Trafficked into slavery on Thai trawlers to catch food for prawns

Author: Kate Hodal & Chris Kelly, Guardian

The Thai fishing industry is built on slavery, with men often beaten, tortured and sometimes killed - all to catch 'trash fish' to feed the cheap farmed prawns sold in the west…[M]any Thai officials not only turn a blind eye to abuse…they are often...

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2 May 2014

[PDF] Tackling Hidden Labour Exploitation [UK]

Author: Stronger Together

[Spalding, UK, 14 May] Recorded cases of human trafficking in the UK have more than doubled in the last 3 years. Implementing the Stronger Together good practice not only demonstrates good corporate social responsibility but makes business sense by...

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20 February 2014

Fair Tax Mark to reward tax justice

Author: Craig Scott, Guardian (UK)

So how can the problem of corporate tax avoidance be tackled and the public's understanding of the issue improved?...The Fair Tax Mark will use a set of metrics to assess companies on their tax and transparency. Companies that score a minimum of 13...

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6 January 2014

Corporate sustainability is too important to be left to corporates

Author: Oliver Balch, Guardian (UK)

2014 will see the importance of the sustainability challenge grow only further: food security, climate change, global poverty, resource constraints, and so on...[B]usiness simply has to be part of the solution...[But] business' record on this front is...

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1 January 2014

[PDF] Applying the Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Author: Clare Titcomb & Colleen Theron, Finance against Trafficking (UK)

The prevention of human trafficking has traditionally been the sole responsibility of States...The private sector was...required to comply with national legislation criminalising active participation in human trafficking had no additional...

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10 December 2013

[PDF] Businesses across the Middle East must put human rights above the bottom line - New report lifts the lid on the business practices of dozens of companies operating across the Middle East

Author: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

[Arabic and French versions below] Companies operating across the Middle East must uphold human rights according to a new report by an international human rights organisation. The new report, released today in Arabic, English and French by the...

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29 November 2013

Fair Tax Mark launches world's 1st independent tax accreditation scheme

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