Coalition of business leaders challenges 2C climate change target

Author: Suzanne Goldenberg, Guardian (UK), Published on: 6 December 2015

…[T]he chief executives of companies such as Virgin, Marks & Spencer, L’Oreal and Unilever said it was critical for governments to reach for stronger targets that would free the world’s economy from carbon emissions by 2050…The corporate leaders, members and supporters of the B Team…said governments should aim for a stronger target than the agreed goal of 2C and aim for actions that would eventually limit warming to 1.5C. The support for a 1.5C goal puts some of the world’s most powerful corporate leaders in sync with small islands and poor countries that are most vulnerable to climate change…Vulnerable countries argue that the 2C goal…would seal the fate of hundreds of millions of people in low-lying countries…The business leaders said they were framing their demand on governments in terms of emissions reductions, with a goal of net zero by 2050, because those were targets companies could set for themselves…[Also refers to Celtel International.]

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