Coffee industry leaders invest in sustainable procurement to improve competitive advantage

Author: Vikas Vij, Justmeans, Published on: 29 July 2015

“Sustainable procurement helping companies improve their competitive advantage”, 15 Jul 2015

Sustainable procurement has become increasingly critical to improving brand image, establishing a competitive advantage, and boosting the bottom line…Sustainable procurement is no longer just about choosing responsible suppliers, but it is more about engaging closely with them to drive innovations in design, production, packaging, labor, and transport…Global coffee industry leaders such as Nestle and Starbucks have recognized the importance of investing in sustainable procurement to reap long-term benefits…Nestle…is making investments to rebuild the coffee industry in Sudan and helping coffee growers in Columbia through an innovative retirement savings plan. Nestle’s agro-forestry plan is introducing new trees to counter climate change…Starbucks Coffee…has launched several ethical sourcing initiatives to help ensure the sustainability of the specialty coffee industry. Its financing efforts since 2008…have impacted 62 cooperatives in eight countries and have benefitted over 40,000 farmers…At least at the grassroots level, procurement function has integrated CSR into its processes at many leading companies…[Also refers to Alcoa, Ball Corp, Biogen Idec, Wyndham Worldwide]

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