Colgate-Palmolive to buy Tom's of Maine - Tom's founders insist business will continue to be run according to socially conscious principles

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24 March 2006

Colgate Set to Swallow Tom's of Maine Toothpaste

Author: Ethical Consumer

Tom's of Maine, which currently stands at an impressive 16 out of 20 in Ethical Consumer's unique "ethiscore" rating system, would see its score cut to just 5 out of 20, if the takeover [by Colgate-Palmolive] goes through. Tom's of Maine...has received Ethical Consumer's highest rating for its environmental reporting...and for its paraben-free products. Parabens are hormone mimicking chemicals that have been linked to breast and testicular cancer. Colgate's current score of 5 out of 20 is attributable to its receiving Ethical Consumer's worst rating for environmental reporting... Colgate-Palmolive products have been found to include parabens, saccharin (a known carcinogen) and triclosan (a microbiocide). The Colgate-Palmolive company also operates in seven countries on Ethical Consumer's list of oppressive regimes... [also refers to Green & Blacks, Body Shop]

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22 March 2006

Colgate to buy Tom's of Maine

Author: Seth Harkness, Portland Press Herald [USA]

The founders of Tom's of Maine...have agreed to sell their business to Colgate-Palmolive Co. for $100 million... The couple said Colgate-Palmolive, a global corporation that produces close to half the world's toothpaste, has agreed to keep the business in Maine and run it according to the same socially conscious management principles for which Tom's is widely recognized... The Chappells have won numerous awards for a management style they describe as a holistic approach to business, acknowledging the importance of community, families and the environment as well as the bottom line... Kate Chappell said the management approach she and her husband pioneered might influence Colgate more than the other way around.

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21 March 2006

Tom and Kate Chappell announce partnership with Colgate

Author: Tom & Kate Chappell, Tom's of Maine

...we have chosen to become part of the Colgate-Palmolive Company... You will continue to be able to rely on our tried and true Natural Care products based on our model of stewardship and sustainability... We will continue our Common Good Partnerships...

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