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Colombia: Marmato municipal council prohibits open-pit mining and resettlement of historic centre

Author: The Marmato Defence Committee and the Regional Indigenous Council of Caldas (CRIDEC) [Colombia], Published on: 6 January 2012

…[F]ollowing six years of uncertainty since the arrival in Marmato and appropriation of mines by Canadian multinational companies…[on] December 21st 2011, the Honourable Municipal Council of Marmato in the department of Caldas, approved the revision and adjustment of the municipal Land Use Plan, which includes the following dispositions…Keep the municipal centre in the Historic Area…Prohibit open pit mining in the municipality of Marmato…Ensure strict monitoring of any drilling for minerals taking place within the municipality…Finally…We demand that the Colombian authorities, the Canadian government and Gran Colombia Gold (formerly Medoro Resources) respect the sovereign decision of the people of Marmato…

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