Colombia: Microsoft to open computer training centers for ex-combatants

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Author: Portafolio [Colombia]

El Gobierno y Microsoft International firmaron ayer un convenio de cooperación con el que se pondrá al servicio ocho centros de capacitación en sistemas para desmovilizados y se espera consolidar una base de datos de perfiles y seguimiento a dicha población...el Gobierno y Microsoft buscarán contribuir en la integración social y económica de las personas desmovilizadas y la población afectada por la violencia.

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20 October 2006

Microsoft To Open Computer Training Centers For Ex-Combatants In Colombia

Author: Shaveta Bansal, All Headline News

...Microsoft Corp. has agreed to donate more than $300,000 to teach computing skills to more than 2,000 ex-combatants in Colombia. The move is aimed at reintegrating thousands of demobilized paramilitaries into nation's economy, who have otherwise turned to crime...Frank Pearl...announced that the amount received in donation will be used over next three years to open eight training centers in former paramilitary strongholds..."The fact an American company is willing to support Colombia's peace process in such an enduring way sends a powerful message to Colombia's business community," Pearl, the former head of Valorem SA, the country's biggest holding company, said in a statement.

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