Colombia: NGO recommends remediation by Cerrejon in report on impacts of coal operation, amongst them land grabbing and human rights abuses

A recent report by CINEP and Peace Programme (in Spanish) product of 4 years of research highlights impacts on health and the environment linked to coal open pit operation by Cerrejon coal (part of Anglo American, BHP Billiton and Glencore) on the population of southern La Guajira. The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Cerrejon to respond; the response is now available.

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Company response
12 July 2016

Cerrejon coal response

...We appreciate the BHRRC giving us the opportunity to comment on the report published by CINEP in May of 2016 titled “Mining, agrarian and environmental conflicts in southern La Guajira”. Although CINEP makes some effort to support their accusations with figures and data, we regret to say that most of their accusations are based on decontextualized information, opinions, and generalizations. In addition, we regret that, over the four years it took to prepare this report, CINEP never contacted Cerrejón directly to get firsthand information that would allow them to present a balanced report. Therefore, we offer information on the following topics:  1. Comments on access to land -Cerrejón rejects the accusation that there has been an “irregular concentration of land” as stated by CINEP in the report. On the contrary, all land acquisition processes have rigorously adhered to Colombian regulations. ..

Download the full document here