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Colombia: Trade unionists face continued death threats

Author: Amnesty International, Published on: 14 June 2013

On 13 June trade union leaders Juan Aguas, Edgar Muñoz, Estivenson Avila and Rubén Morrón Guerrero received a death threat by text message… All four are members of the Colombian Union of Workers of the Mining, Petrochemical, Agro-Fuels and Energy Industries (Sindicato Nacional de la Industria Minera, Petroquímica, Agrocombustible y Energética, Sintramienergetica). They are also part of a union delegation negotiating a new labour agreement with the mining company Drummond Ltd. The attack comes in the wake of several recent death threats against members and leaders of Sintramienergetica. On 28 May, on the eve of trade union negotiations, gunmen fired shots at a taxi in which Rubén Morrón Guerrero was travelling…

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