Commentary analyses challenges of measuring corporate respect for human rights

Author: Damiano de Felice, Access to Medicines Index, on OECD Insights, Published on: 22 June 2015

[T]oday the OECD Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct hosts a lunchtime session on the role of indicators and public benchmarks organized by the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark and the Danish Institute for Human Rights...There is little doubt regarding the enormous potential of most of these initiatives...Notwithstanding these promises, it is also important to recognize that measuring human rights is not an easy task. In a peer-reviewed article recently published by Human Rights Quarterly, I reviewed more than 80 business and human rights initiatives, and emphasized two main challenges: validity and emancipation...Business and human rights benchmarks, reporting frameworks and impact assessment tools have enormous potential. Their production should therefore be encouraged. However, the business and human rights community should not fall victim of the erroneous “article of faith” that any data is better than no data...

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