Commentary: As climate change losses mount, it's time to talk about liability and compensation

Author: Saleemul Huq, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Published on: 15 September 2017

The quick succession of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Jose hitting the Caribbean islands, Texas and Florida as well as one-in-100-year floods in South Asia hitting first Nepal, then India and now Bangladesh now has brought into clear focus the issue of how serious a threat we face from climatic impacts directly attributable to human induced climate change... This is highly relevant for the forthcoming 23rd Conference of Parties (COP23)... [where the] Prime Minister of Fiji has already indicated that he wants take forward the already agreed issue of tackling growing loss and damage from climate change... As worsening weather disasters bring ever-growing losses, the time for equivocation around the issue of loss and damage , or more correctly,  liability and compensation, is over. COP23 is the place to accept this and move on, to come up with practical solutions to compensate those most adversely impacted by human induced climate change.  

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