Commentary: Companies' climate actions must be transparent, with concrete goals & support from the top

Author: Justin Worland, Time (USA), Published on: 24 February 2016

"How to Keep Companies Honest About Fighting Climate Change", 23 Feb 2016

Going green is the latest corporate trend—but it can be tough to separate the companies that are actually making major environmental commitments from those that are just giving lip service to the cause...[C]limate leaders are turning their attention to the next challenge: ensuring that companies follow through on their promises. That’s the aim of a new effort spearheaded by the U.N.’s recently appointed climate champion, French climate change ambassador Laurence Tubiana. She hopes to build a system that measures corporate efforts to address climate change, with non-governmental organizations playing a role as fact checkers...Tubiana, a key figure at the Paris climate conference in December, is still determining the form of the future transparency system, but here’s how climate policy experts say you should evaluate a corporate climate commitment: 1. Support from top executives 2. Concrete goals 3. Transparent reporting. [Refers to Deloitte, Google, Goldman Sachs, KPMG, Walmart]

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