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Commentary: Ethical Trading Initiative representative says bill does not “tackle modern slavery in supply chains”

Author: Cindy Berman, Ethical Trading Initiative, commentary for Institute for Human Rights and Business, Published on: 14 October 2014

"UK Modern Slavery Bill: Will it protect, respect and ensure access to redress for workers?", 14 Oct 2014

…The Modern Slavery Bill is the first of its kind, and the UK government’s commitment to being a global leader in tackling this crime is admirable…[W]hat’s the problem with the current Bill?...[T]here is currently nothing in the draft legislation to tackle modern slavery in supply chains. Yet it is in the private economy…that most of the 21 million workers in forced labour or trafficking for labour exploitation are to be found…Civil society advocacy and anti-trafficking groups have been calling for better legislation for years on this…The Bill classically falls under the ‘Protect’ pillar of the UN Guiding Principles…We sent a…message to the Prime Minister…asking him for three things in the…Bill: Require companies to be transparent and accountable for tackling modern slavery; Expand the role and remit of the Gangmasters Licensing Authority; Ensure an independent and enforcement role for an Anti-Slavery Commissioner that will ensure access to redress for victims…

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