Commentary: Governments need to end fossil fuel production to tackle climate change

Author: Lili Fuhr & Tzeporah Berman, Eco-Business, Published on: 11 November 2017

“Climate leadership means ending fossil fuel production”, 2 Nov 2017

The end of the fossil-fuel era is on the horizon… yet... what is the plan for weaning ourselves off oil, coal, and gas? That question is becoming increasingly urgent, because governments around the world…are supporting plans to continue producing fossil fuels and explore for more. These governments claim that new fossil-fuel projects are consistent with their commitments under the Paris climate agreement, despite the fact that burning even the fossil fuels in already-existing reserves would push global temperatures higher than 2°C above pre-industrial levels... Recently, over 450 organizations from more than 70 countries signed the Lofoten Declaration, which explicitly calls for the managed decline of the fossil-fuel sector. The declaration demands leadership from those who can afford it, a just transition for those affected, and support for countries that face the most significant challenges.

Citizens around the world are championing a vision of a better future... [and] Ii is up to our political leaders to deliver that vision. They should be working actively to engineer a just and smart shift to a future free of fossil fuels, not making that future harder and more expensive to achieve.

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