Commentary: How to get gender-responsive adaptation right

Author: Jennifer Baumwoll, Eco-business, Published on: 9 September 2017

Why is it so difficult to integrate gender into climate change responses?... Observers mention a number of hurdles such as limited resources, lack of information or deficient expertise —it seems that many practitioners lack an understanding of how to do it... The underlying issue, though, is a refusal to accept that gender-responsive adaptation is better adaptation... Simply using the terms “women”, “equality” or increasing women beneficiaries in climate projects fundamentally fail... Effective gender-responsive adaptation responds to the unique gender dynamics of the target area... Three main principles [to take into account]... understand and address local gender dynamics,... [including] roles and responsibilities, gender-based differences in accessing resources such as land or finance, and gender power relations; gender is not always about vulnerability [and] women as well as men have knowledge, skills and a spirit of entrepreneurship that programmes need to capitalise on;...[and] gender-responsive approaches are simply about changing the way of approaching project design and implementation processes.

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