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Commentary: "How to help your company prepare for climate change in 2016"

Author: Aman Singh, Guardian (UK), Published on: 1 January 2016

…[The] global climate change agreement…leaves many companies with a big question: how can they continue to grow…with the new climate goals?…[H]ere are five key considerations to help clarify the breadth of the scope of this change…What can a global temperature rise of 1.5-2C mean for businesses?…Companies…need to address this problem in scenario planning…What is the potential cost of climate change?…Accounting for these unintended costs will give companies greater predictability and a surer path to growth…How will climate change impact a company’s valuation? The financial services sector is refining its…criteria…to address climate change, and companies should take note of how these evaluations can impact their stock performance...Do employees understand how climate change links to their business?...Educating employees about the specifics of how climate change will affect their jobs will require consistent and deliberate outreach, opportunities for engagement, and informal and formal conversations at all levels...They will need to understand how every element of their work can impact the natural environment and resulting social conditions...[C]ommunication…could help ensure that all of a company’s efforts…lead to clear, tangible impact on the world’s social and environmental conditions…[Also refers to Citi, Goldman Sachs, and Microsoft.]

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