Commentary: Will global corporations take responsibility for those they have long exploited?

Author: Jay Ramasubramanyam, openDemocracy (UK), Published on: 25 May 2020

18 May 2020

COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation, on March 11 disrupting life as we know it. But as many articles have exposed, among the most aggrieved are migrant workers and factory workers in the global south...

The pandemic has laid bare the fragility of the system that favours the interests of consumers while simultaneously failing its workers in times of crises. It has also exposed the dearth of benevolence and empathy extended to those on the margins. Those who are privy to accessing de facto workspaces from home or virtually with a great deal of comfort, may overlook the privilege they hold and may choose to ignore the dysfunctionality of this system...

In the age of global supply chains which employs over 450 million people, the burden of COVID-19 continues to be borne by workers at the bottom of the chain who have no savings to survive on during such times.

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