Communication under Article 15 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court - The Commission of Crimes Against Humanity in Cambodia

Author: Global Diligence LLP, Published on: 7 October 2014

This...Communication outlines the mass human rights violations perpetrated against the Cambodian civilian population by senior members of the...[Cambodian] Government...senior members of State security forces, and government-connected business leaders (...the "Ruling Elite")...from July 2002 to present...[T]he Ruling Elite have illegally seized and reallocated millions of hectares of valuable land...for exploitation or speculation by its members and foreign investors...Those who resist evictions have faced brutal violence, trumped-up criminal charges and other forms of persecution...Land grabbing and associated deforestation has disproprotionately affected the indigenous minority population...[d]ue to their particular dependence on and cultural attachment to land...[The] investigation has uncovered a well-organised and recurring pattern of perpetration, which relies on complicity between the [Cambodian Government], State Security Forces, local authorities, private businesses and judiciary...

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