Communications & Operations Associate at The FACT Coalition


Founded in 2011, the Financial Accountability and Corporate Transparency (FACT) Coalition unites over 100 representatives from small business, labor, government watchdog, faith-based, human rights, anti-corruption, public interest, and international development organizations. We seek an honest and fair corporate tax code and to curb global tax evasion and avoidance by closing tax haven loopholes, promoting greater transparency in corporate ownership and operations, and advancing common-sense policies to combat the facilitation of money laundering and other criminal activity by the legitimate financial system. With more than $20 trillion currently stashed in secrecy jurisdictions around the world, offshore tax haven loopholes costing U.S. taxpayers over $100 billion annually, and illicit financial flows draining a trillion dollars per year from developing and emerging economies—exacerbating global poverty and inequality—our work has never been more important.

Through continued strategic media outreach and on-going relationship building with Hill and Administration staff, FACT has helped to change the public conversation around taxes and build a range of champions in Washington willing to support legislative and executive solutions. FACT has fostered and maintains strong working relationships with both Democratic and Republican Hill offices and with various departments and offices in the executive branch. We played a central role in defeating proposals for a corporate tax holiday, and in March of last year, brought more than fifty small business owners, faith leaders, and activists from across the country to Washington for a three-day advocacy event.

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The FACT Coalition is looking for an intelligent, energetic, and resourceful Communications & Operations Associate (Comms & Ops Associate) to help streamline the communications and operations of its three-person secretariat office in Washington, DC. The position will assist the Coalition’s Deputy Director in achieving the strategic communications goals of the coalition—primarily through online media work but also with traditional communications as needed.

The Comms & Ops Associate will also take charge of facilitating many logistics for the Coalition—coordinating a lot of the Coalition’s various committee meetings, planning and organizing public events, coordinating joint sign-on letters to various Administration officials and Members of Congress, and following up with coalition members on their various commitments.

The Comms & Ops Associate will be responsible for much of the operations and administrative support at FACT’s secretariat office: recruiting, hiring, and supervising interns; ordering office supplies; formatting, mailing, and shipping correspondence and packages; and trouble-shooting various IT and administrative hurdles. S/he will also assist the Executive Director and the Deputy Director in any other coalition issues and activities as needed.


  • Maintaining the Coalition’s various email list-serves;
  • Sending emails to list-serves pushing out reports, statements, press hits, event notices, etc. from Coalition members;
  • Sending reminders of Policy/Communications, Field, and Community meetings with solicitations for agenda items;
  • Drafting the agenda for the Policy/Communications, Field, and Community meetings;
  • Taking notes at the Policy/Communications and Field meetings and circulating them to attendees;
  • Sending reminders of deadlines for letter sign-ons, reports due, etc.;
  • Helping with the logistics and planning of events, Hill briefings, press conferences, etc. This includes dealing with venues, catering, A/V, invites, etc.;
  • Following up on commitments by coalition members: op-eds, scheduling legislative meetings, field work, etc.;
  • Logging and maintaining contacts (in Salsa database);
  • Assisting the Deputy Director with overseeing the communications of the Coalition;
  • Assisting the Deputy Director in logging and maintaining the press lists (in Salsa);
  • Identifying relevant topics, articles, etc. and drafting tweets for the Executive Director and the Coalition;
  • Assisting in managing the Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles of the Coalition, posting and sharing on a regular basis as appropriate;
  • Assisting with pitching calls to press for briefings, events, conferences, etc.;
  • As needed, drafting press releases, statements, blogs, op-eds, LTEs, correspondence, etc. for the Deputy Director and the Executive Director to review;
  • Assisting the Deputy Director with maintaining and updating the website: posting blogs, op-eds, speeches, reports, FACT Sheets, and press releases to site. Posting links to member’s reports and quotes in print, radio, and TV interviews;
  • Drafting weekly “Just the FACTS” newsletter;
  • General research and grant-writing support, as needed; and
  • General administrative duties, such as ordering office supplies, troubleshooting IT issues, hiring, training, and supervising the interns, etc. 


  • Bachelors degree in a related field;
  • Excellent skills in copy editing, persuasive writing;
  • Strong organizational and logistical skills;
  • Resourcefulness and creativity;
  • Demonstrated ability to learn and utilize information technology skills;
  • Team player who can deliver in a fast-paced environment;
  • A willingness to occasionally work irregular hours;
  • Intellectual curiosity; and
  • Candidates must be legally able to work in the U.S. without employer sponsorship.


  • Some related experience (work or internship) using social media, blogging, or websites as advocacy tools;
  • Some related experience (work, volunteer, or internship) organizing public events;
  • Strong writing and speaking skills;
  • Some graphic design skills are a plus; and
  • Experience working on U.S. political campaigns or with issues involving anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, financial transparency, financial crime, global development, international finance, and/or taxation a plus.


Send cover letter, resume, and writing sample to Clark Gascoigne at [email protected] with the phrase “Communications & Operations Associate” in the subject line of the email before August 31, 2015 at 11:59pm EDT. Due to the expected volume of applications, only candidates who will be asked to interview will be contacted.

Absolutely no calls, please.

Job title: Communications & Operations Associate

Location: Washington DC

Closing date: 31 August 2015