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Company destroying uncontacted tribe's land is condemned [Paraguay]

Author: Survival International, Published on: 23 October 2008

A Brazilian company destroying the territory of Paraguay's only group of uncontacted Indians has been condemned by Paraguay's government watchdog. The company, Yaguarete Pora, is illegally bulldozing forest belonging to the Ayoreo-Totobiegosode...Yaguarete was investigated by...the 'Contraloria General', after an appeal from...Paraguayan NGOs...The 'Contraloria General' concludes that Yaguarete 'has violated the fundamental rights of indigenous people...' The watchdog's findings come just after the worldwide release of satellite photos showing how Yaguarete Pora and another Brazilian company, River Plate, are rapidly destroying the Totobiegosode's territory. The companies want the land to graze cattle for beef.

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