Company fires a pregnant worker and will pay 300,000 shequels

Author: Miri Jason, Ynet [Israel], Published on: 4 September 2006

[Original article in Hebrew. Title translation, and following summary of the article's key points, provided by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre.]
The Jerusalem labour tribunal ordered cleaning company and employment agency ISS Hashmoret (part of ISS and of Hashmira) to compensate a cleaning worker, Aina'alam Avavito, who was fired from her work when she was in her seventh month of pregnancy. The verdict says that she was discriminated against for being pregnant. The company had not received permission from the industry ministry to dismiss her (as the law requires). Moreover, the company did not pay Aina'alam Avavito benefits that she should have received. The worker will receive 30,000 shequels in compensation. In addition, the managers of the Jerusalem and regional branches of the company were fined.

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