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8 August 2019

Monsanto allegedly operated intelligence centre to discredit critical activists & journalists

Author: Sam Levin, The Guardian

"Revealed: how Monsanto's 'intelligence center' targeted journalists and activists", 08 Aug 2019...

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30 July 2019

Brazil: Indigenous leader killed by miners as they make bold incursions into protected areas, following Bolsonaro's encouragement

On 23rd July 2019, a group of heavily armed miners invaded indigenous territory in the North East of Brazil, close to the border with French Guyana, and stabbed indigenous leader, Emyra Wajãpi, to death.  Civil society organisations and international...

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29 July 2019

Enemies of the State?

Author: Global Witness

30 Jul 2019...

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26 June 2019

USA: Wayfair workers to walk out to protest management decision to supply detention centre; CEO rejects their plea

Author: Peter Cohan, Forbes

"3 Reasons To Sell Wayfair On Today's Employee Walkout", 26 Jun 2019...

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14 June 2019

Google's CEO expresses concern over potential regulation of big tech companies

Author: Carrie Mihalcik, Cnet

"Google's Sundar Pichai worries about 'unintended consequences' of regulation" 14 Jun 2019...

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13 May 2019
+ Français - Hide

Author: Arnaud Dumas, Novethic (France) (copyright:

« Assemblées générales : les actionnaires se rebellent », 9 mai 2019 ...

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2 April 2019

Singapore: Planned law to fight false information online could be used against govt. critics

Author: Mike Ives & Raymond Zhong, NY Times (USA)

"Singapore Plans Law to Fight False News, but Critics Fear Repression", 01 Apr 2019...

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13 March 2019

Open For Business provides framework for cos. to act in public sphere to promote LGBT+ inclusion

Author: Open For Business (USA)

"Channels of Influence: How Companies Can Promote LGBT+ Inclusive Societies", Mar 2019...

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26 February 2019

Novalpina Capital comments on letter regarding its buyout of NSO Group, sued for enabling surveillance of activists

Author: Alex Plough, Yifan Yu & Mariana Valle, Debtwire (UK)

"Israeli Spyware Firm NSO Group Confronts Controversial Past As It Seeks $500 Million Buyout Loan", 25 Feb 2019...

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19 February 2019

India: Proposed changes to cyber legislation pose risk to free speech, encryption & increase burden on tech cos.

Author: Kurt Wagner, Recode (USA)

"WhatsApp is at risk in India. So are free speech and encryption", 19 Feb 2019...

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