Company responses to Platform report: “Making a Killing: Oil Companies, Tax Avoidance and Subsidies” – Feb 2013

Author: compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, Published on: 27 February 2013

[Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited BP, Heritage Oil, Shell & Tullow Oil to respond to the concerns raised in the Platform report and press release: Making a Killing: Oil Companies, Tax Avoidance and Subsidies". All companies responded and their responses can be accessed from this page.] Th[e] report alleges that some UK based oil companies are benefiting from considerable support from the UK Government including, subsidies and military and diplomatic services, but pay very small amounts of tax in the UK on their profits. The report says “mega-profits are being made at the expense of the public purse as youth centres shut, hospitals struggle and the queues at food banks grow.” The report also alleges that some oil companies are exploiting international legal mechanisms to avoid tax internationally including in developing countries such as Uganda and Nigeria...See also "Tax avoidance - an introduction" by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

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