Company responses/non-responses re impacts of planned InfraVest wind turbines in Yuanli, Taiwan

Author: Compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, Published on: 7 November 2013

...In October 2013, after a 3-month halt, it was reported that InfraVest tried to restart the wind turbine construction one night. Local residents who tried to stop them said construction workers and security guards used violence against them...and one of the residents was hit by a stone. Yuanli Self-Help Group criticised InfraVest and Hi Tan Security (海天保全) for the use of violence, as well as Fei-ling Electronic Engineering (飛羚電機工程) and Taimon (台盟電信工程) - as the subcontractors for the wind turbine pipeline constructions - for being complicit in the incident. Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited the four companies named to respond [company responses/non-responses included]...

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