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  • Inpex: Policy commitment

    Respecting human rights is included in our CSR Principles [link], Business Principles and Code of Conduct [link].

  • Inpex: Management

    We voluntary use the IFC performance standards and conduct the social impact assessments of each project to consider human rights.

  • Inpex: Other actions

    The RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan) was announced for the Australia project, and we committed ourselves to fully cooperate with the indigenous people. Our activities are reported and disclosed annually.

  • Inpex: Progress since June 2011, when the UN Guiding Principles were endorsed

    The RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan) was launched in 2013. We participated in the U.N. Global Compact from 2011.  We voluntary use the IFC performance standards for respecting human rights and the initiatives are in response to the UN Guiding Principles.

  • Intel: Policy commitment

    Stand-alone policy Intel Human Rights Policy [link], Intel Statement on Human Trafficking and Slavery [link], Intel Code of Conduct: [link], Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition Code of Conduct: [link]

  • Itaú Unibanco: Policy commitment

    Yes, Itaú Unibanco has made a public commitment to respect human rights. This commitment is formalised in document available at [link], the aim of which is to reinforce Itaú Unibanco Holding S.A.’s commitment to respecting human rights in its...

  • JPMorgan Chase: Policy commitment

    JPMorgan Chase has not yet responded to the survey.  JPMorgan Chase's human rights policy statement is here:  [link]

  • Japan Tobacco International: Policy commitment

    [Policy regarding human rights] JT Group Code of Conduct: [link] (Japanese) [link] (English) Our Code of Conduct demands respect for the human rights of employees and prohibits child and forced labor. Basic Principles on Education and Promotion of...

  • Jindal: Policy commitment

    Yes, please refer to the Guiding Principles, Sustainability and Human resources as reflected in the website -

  • Johnson & Johnson: Policy commitment

    See our Statement on Human Rights here: [link] Additional relevant policies: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]

  • Johnson & Johnson: Actions on conflict minerals

    Along with governments, NGOs, the investment community and other corporations, Johnson & Johnson is concerned with human rights violations, such as forced labor, sexual violence, human trafficking and child labor, which we understand are occurring...

  • Johnson & Johnson: Reporting and communication

    Our Human rights commitments and various policies in relation to human rights reside on our Corporate Citizenship website ([link]). Additionally, information on how we meet human rights indicators according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is...

  • Johnson & Johnson: Progress since June 2011, when the UN Guiding Principles were endorsed

    In partnership with BSR, we developed our first Statement on Human Rights in 2010, prior to the UN Guiding Principles being formally endorsed. Since then, we have continued to monitor the human rights landscape to ensure that our approaches are in line...

  • KDDI: Policy commitment

    Note: English translation of KDDI's Japanese original - currently under review by the company: will be made available here as soon as approved.

  • Kellogg: Policy commitment

    We have expressed our commitment to human rights in our Global Code of Ethics, our Global Supplier Code of Conduct, the Global Supplier Code of Conduct Resource Guide and our Corporate Responsibility Report; all of which are publicly available at www...

  • MTN: Policy commitment

    Yes, a stand-alone policy is maintained. The Group's publicly available commitment is available at [link].

  • MTN: Grievance procedures and access to remedy

    Grievance procedures and access to remedy processes are still under development.

  • Mars: Policy commitment

    Stand-alone “human rights” policy: Read our human rights policy: [link] A reference to the company’s human rights commitment within another corporate policy (e.g. Code of Conduct or Sustainability Policy): Mars Supplier Code of Conduct (Code) sets...

  • Mars: Progress since June 2011, when the UN Guiding Principles were endorsed

    In response to the UN Guiding Principles, we launched our human rights policy and program in January 2015. In accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, this Policy is informed by the International Bill of Human Rights and...

  • McDonald's: Policy commitment

    We reference our commitment to respect human rights in the McDonald's Supplier Code of Conduct and the company's Standards of Business Conduct. Pages 2 and 5: [link] Pages 20 and 23: [link] Human Rights along the Supply Chain: McDonald’s strives to...