Concept Note for Institute for Human Rights and Business

Project Description

National Human Rights Institutions seek to be an authoritative voice on issues of human rights within their countries of operations.  To do so effectively, NHRIs need to ensure that they have as current as possible information regarding human rights issues in their countries.  Complaints can be a useful source of information, particularly in analysing trends but may not capture all sectors.  Thus the need for focused research on underserved or less well-known sectors: one such sector is extractives and human rights.

The proposed project endeavours to document the human rights concerns in the oil and gas as well as the mining industry.  In the process, the NHRIs undertaking the research will increase their own internal knowledge and stakeholder base as well as their understanding of the relevant international legal frameworks, the basis of which the assessment of extent of compliance shall be made.  Moreover, based on their mandate to recommend legal reforms, the process shall include an analysis of the legal regime, some examples of best practice and recommendations, which then can be the basis of advocacy by NHRIs and CSOs alike.

Lastly, the research can be used to complement the body of existing knowledge on the extractives sector that is available for the region.

Closing date: 5 May 2015

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