Concern about Ivanhoe Mines joint venture with Burmese military government

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26 June 2002

False Claims by Labour Groups Rejected as Ivanhoe Sets the Record Straight, Again, About Its Investment in Myanmar

Author: Edward Flood, Deputy Chairman, Ivanhoe Mines

The CLC/ICEM news release accused Ivanhoe of complicity in alleged human rights abuses in Myanmar and urged the company to abandon its investment in the country...
· The claim by the labour organizations that there is a link between the Ivanhoe joint-venture mine in Myanmar and alleged mass conscription of involuntary labour is false and repugnant.
· The Monywa project is fulfilling the fundamental economic rights of more than 500 direct employees and their families...
· There is no evidence that Ivanhoe's investment in the copper project, as a partner with the government-owned Mining Enterprise No. 1, is contributing to the alleged use of involuntary labour by anybody anywhere in Myanmar...
· The labour organizations falsely alleged that the Monywa Copper Project, in which Ivanhoe is a joint-venture partner, is linked to severe environmental degradation of the surrounding area...
· Ivanhoe's withdrawal from Myanmar would not bring about the changes in government that critics want to see.

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25 June 2002

The whole world wants Ivanhoe to withdraw from Burma

Author: Canadian Labour Congress and ICEM

As the Canadian-based Ivanhoe Mines Ltd.'s holds its annual shareholders meeting today in Vancouver, the Canadian Labour Congress and the International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions (ICEM) are urging the company to end its mining joint venture with the Burmese military regime and withdraw its investments from Burma...Ivanhoe's Monywa Copper the largest foreign mining investment in Burma and has been linked to the mass conscription of forced labour as well as the severe environmental degradation of the surrounding area. [also refers to divestment from Burma by Texaco (part of Chevron), Arco (part of BP), PepsiCo, Eastman Kodak, Motorola, Best Western, Marriott; lawsuit against Unocal]

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