Private military & security companies

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- Bulletin on private military & security companies and their impacts on human rights - recent developments

- Montreux document on Private Military and Security Companies

- International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers

- UN Working Group on the use of mercenaries




- Sterling Corporate Services response


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3 October 2014

Deploying private security companies could make starting wars easier, warns Manchester Univ. study

Author: Jack Howson, Mancunian Matters (UK)

Countries could soon use private security companies to make it easier to go to war and make them last longer, claims new research by the University of Manchester...Since the end of the Cold War, the private military industry has grown

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30 September 2014

Blog assesses use of human rights indicators in monitoring operations of private security companies

Author: Irene Pietropaoli, co-Director Measuring Business & Human Rights and PhD candidate at the Law school of Middlesex University, London


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8 April 2014

Global Policy Forum report on UN use of private military & security companies allegedly involved in human rights abuses

Global Policy Forum reports on UN use of private military & security companies allegedly involved in human rights abuses; responses by Askar Security, Delta Protection & G4S.

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7 January 2014

G4S contracts in Israeli occupied territories face major investigation

Author: Jim Armitage, Independent (UK)

[Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited G4S to respond. G4S said that "due to the nature of the situation, it is unable to go into detail at this time" and referred us to its statement of April 2012 about its operations in West Bank] G4S....

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17 October 2013

New charges brought against former Blackwater guards in Baghdad shooting

Author: Sari Horwitz, Washington Post

The Justice Department brought new charges Thursday against four former Blackwater Worldwide security guards accused of taking part in a shooting in Baghdad six years ago that killed 14 unarmed civilians, wounded 18 and enraged public opinion in Iraq....

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16 October 2013

Private Security Contractors: Fanning The Flames In Afghanistan?

Author: Jo Erickson, MintPress News

[I]n Afghanistan...civilian casualties are escalating. Adding to the death toll are U.S.-backed private security contractors...As the U.S military heightens security on its bases, it exposes a larger question of whether private security companies are...

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15 October 2013

[PDF] International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers Association Launch

Author: Foreign & Commonwealth Office

The UK is...a global leader in the private security company (PSC) market...The Government wants to see the highest standards, including on human rights, across all PSCs that work in complex environments abroad. At the same time, the Government wants...

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1 October 2013

[PDF] Privatization of the War on Drugs in Mexico and Colombia: Limiting the Application of Humanitarian Law and Endangering Human Rights

Author: Antoine Perret, European University Institute (Italy)

The use of Private Military and Security Companies…in the so-called War on Drugs has considerable implications for the application of international humanitarian law and raises concern about the respect for human rights under antidrug assistance...

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20 December 2012

ASIS Standard for Private Security Service Providers Overseas Adopted by UK

Author: ASIS International

The ANSI standard, Management System for Quality of Private Security Company Operations – Requirements with Guidance...has been adopted for use in the United Kingdom...[T]he...standard establishes an auditable mechanism for Private Security Service...

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Company response
5 September 2012

Control Risks response

Author: Control Risks

As a global risk management consultancy, Control Risks works with international organisations, governments and NGOs in many complex and challenging environments and, as such, we are very aware both of the importance of the oil and gas sector and of...

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