Consultancy at Principles for Responsible Investment

Collaborative Engagement on Human Rights in the Extractive Industry

The PRI has allocated a small budget to support investors participating in a PRI coordinated collaborative engagement with extractive companies aiming to improve disclosure on, and implementation of, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.The PRI Association is inviting Requests for Proposals from individuals or organisations qualified and interested in:

  • preparing and facilitating two investor-company roundtable meetings
  • overseeing research conducted by a PRI research assistant on corporate disclosure of human rights practices at 50 companies
  • suggesting a subset of 10-20 out of 50 human rights indicators to be prioritised as a basis for the engagement, based on the research and roundtable outcomes
  • writing a brief interim report after the first roundtable, and a full outcomes document including the findings from the two roundtable meetings and the research

Roundtable objectives

  • Deepen understanding of best practices and challenges companies have, or might have, in implementing the UN Guiding Principles and managing human rights more broadly
  • Refine indicators: Cut down set of 50 indicators to 10-20 core indicators (indicators will be used to evaluate company’s performance against themselves over time, and against each other)
  • Deepen relationships with companies to improve chances of successful dialogue
  • Deepen broader engagement asks

Roundtable format

Location and dates:

  • 15 January 2015, London, UK (09.30-15.00)
  • 5 March 2015, Toronto, Canada (8.30-14.00)


  • 3-5 investor representatives
  • 5-6 company representatives
  • PRI representative and expert facilitator

Note that while the company specific research of this project will only be made available to PRI signatories participating in the engagement, the final outcomes document will be made publicly available.


  • 12 Dec: Deadline to submit proposals
  • 19 Dec: Notification of selected party
  • Week of 5 Jan: Discussion of detailed agenda for London roundtable
  • Approx. 22 Jan: Report on outcome of London roundtable and discussion of agenda for Toronto roundtable
  • Approx. 24 Mar: Discussion on final outcomes report

Submission of proposals

  • Proposals are requested by email to [email protected] by 12 Dec and should include:
  • Demonstration of strong content knowledge (human rights, extractive sector, investor engagement with companies)
  • Demonstration of strong facilitation, writing, analysis and critical thinking skills
  • Related projects undertaken, and examples of/links to previous written work
  • Brief biography
  • Price incl. travel budget
  • Availability for the requested periods of time
  • Location (Preference will be given to someone based in or nearby London, UK or Toronto, Canada.)

Further information: Interested parties are welcome to contact [email protected] for further information on the requested services and available budget.