Controversial Chinese projects in Cambodia bow to public pressure

Author: Toh Han Shih, South China Morning Post [Hong Kong], Published on: 4 September 2011

Two Chinese state-owned companies held back from their investment projects in Cambodia under public pressure, a sign China is paying more heed to international opinion. China Southern Power Grid (CSG) has pulled out of controversial dam projects in the country after local villagers protested that the dams would ruin their fisheries. And a luxury real estate project by...Erdos Hongjun Investment [and Shukaku, its Cambodian counterpart] has only resumed after Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen agreed to set aside land to relocate residents evicted to make way for the project…CSG's Niu defended the company…"CSG is a responsible company...We understand the concerns of local residents, just as we understand the concerns of consumers for adequate power supply and the concern of the government for economic progress"…[T]he Cambodian Housing Rights Task Force...sent a letter to Erdos Hongjun...saying 4,000 families in the Boeung Kak Lake area were being "forcibly evicted" and having their land "illegally appropriated"...An executive of Erdos Hongjun, Liu Xueming, said: "The problem has been resolved by Hun Sen. Our company has no further comment"...

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