Controversial Shipbreaking Methods In South Asia Are Cause for Alarm

Author: Sangeeta Haindl, JustMeans, Published on: 23 May 2013

There are serious concerns about how the shipping industry is disposing of its toxic waste during the process of shipbreaking...[B] the most controversial way to dismantle old ships because of its overall lack of containment of toxic waste. Unfortunately, it also is the most commonly used method in South Asia...[The] European Parliament will begin to impose penalties on European Union ship owners who send their vessels for dismantling in the developing world...Pressure from stakeholders is increasing, resulting in reputational risks for companies... Banks that have financed controversial shipbreaking actions have now also been become targets. Some companies have already committed to ending beaching and adopting best practices, but the vast majority continue to send their end-of-life vessels to South Asia...

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