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2 May 2016

USA: Experts urge Hawai'i govt. to secure prisoners' safety & other human rights protections in contract with private prison firm CCA

Author: Rui Kaneya, Honolulu Civil Beat (USA)

"Experts: Act Now To Improve The Contract With An Arizona Prison"...

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4 March 2016

USA: Student groups urge universities to divest from private prisons - accused of profiting from excessive incarceration rates for minorities

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2 March 2016

UC must divest from private prisons

Author: interview by Josh Wilner, Socialist Worker (USA)

Following a successful campaign pressuring [University of California] to divest from private prison corporations, Black students and community members have identified Wells Fargo as the next target......

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26 December 2015

UC system divests $30 million in prison holdings amid student pressure

Author: Jason Song, Los Angeles Times (USA)

The University of California system has sold about $30 million of its holdings in companies that operate private prisons after students voiced their opposition to such investments.  The undergraduates throughout the nation have been...

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31 March 2015

USA: Mercy Investment Services challenges prison companies on their human rights standards

Author: Octavia Blanco, CNN Money (USA)

“The activist nun reforming profit-prisons,” 28 Mar 2015...

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19 June 2013

Idaho dumps prison contractor [USA]

Author: Rebecca Boone, Associated Press

Idaho prison leaders are looking for a new company to run the state's largest prison after Corrections Corporation of America admitted to understaffing and overbilling for...operating the Idaho Correctional Center...The...Center has a been rife with...

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1 March 2012

Righting the record on prison rape [USA]

Author: Sadhbh Walshe, Guardian [UK]

Alex Friedmann[’s]…recent proposal that the CCA's [Corrections Corporation of America]…provide…reports to their stockholders about the company's efforts to reduce incidents of rape and sexual abuse in their facilities was greeted with outright horror...

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21 October 2011

Immigrant Detainees Report Nearly 200 Instances Of Sexual Abuse [USA]

Author: Elise Foley, Huffington Post [USA]

The ACLU of Texas lawsuit was filed on behalf of three women...who say they were assaulted by detention guards and officers...In each case, the victims say they were abused on the way to the airport after posting bond to be released from detention...

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19 October 2011

[PDF] Doe, et al. v. Neveleff, et al. - Complaint

Author: Lisa Graybill, counsel for the plaintiffs

[Full text of complaint filed by immigrants detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility operated by Corrections Corporation of America.]

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13 May 2011

Jailing undocumented immigrants is big business [USA]

Author: EFE

Detentions of undocumented immigrants have become big business for private companies operating prisons in states like Arizona, which is why they promote anti-immigrant laws like SB1070, a group of activists said. [refers to Corrections Corporation of...

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