Corporate Accountability Lab releases intellectual property licenses allowing authors to sue buyers if creations used in unethical supply chains

Author: Corporate Accountability Lab (USA), Published on: 18 April 2018

"+CAL Ethical IP Licensing", March 2018

...CAL developed licensing language that IP [Intellectual Property]-producers can put into their employment contracts, copyright licenses for original works of art, or open source software licenses.  These licenses ensure that your creations are only used in supply chains that comply with basic human rights and environmental norms...This license creates economic incentives that discourage the use of unethical supply chains in the first place.  But when harm does occur, the +CAL license provides grounds for IP producers to sue US corporations in US courts for victimizing people or the environment in their supply chains.  The added costs of these liabilities creates additional economic incentives for corporations to be more careful in their supply chains and to take immediate action to remediate any environmental harms when they do occur...[D]eciding that corporate use of our IP is conditioned on the commitments of our employers, research institutions, and other corporations to protect human rights and the environment across global supply chains, we can transform our IP into a deterrent for unethical supply chains, enforceable in courts across the country...

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