Corporate checklist for human rights [India]

Author: Sudeep Chakravarti [Mint], Published on: 6 December 2013

…Chatham House in London…is fresh from its excellent report, Conflict and Coexistence in the Extractive Industries…And fresh from the three-day UN Forum on Business and Human Rights…is UN Global Compact’s A Business Reference Guide—United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People…With India’s mess in the extractive sector and appalling record of dealing with its indigenous people, of adivasi and other tribal roots, both reports seem appropriate as required reference…The Chatham House report focuses on…background and case studies of conflict and conflict resolution between businesses and governments. It foresees a rise in such conflicts…UN Global Compact’s document…urges businesses to take “fundamental actions” on their own and wherever applicable, in partnership with state and central governments to respect the rights of indigenous people.UN Global Compact...lists several must-do actions as necessary approaches to responsible and sensible business.

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