Corporate Complicity in Human Rights Violations: Note about Oslo workshop (23-24 Oct)

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31 October 2006

[PDF] Corporate Complicity in Human Rights Violations: Workshop - October 23 & 24 2006

The subject was discussed from several different perspectives, including international law, human rights law, national tort and criminal law, philosophical and ethical perspectives, and investors’ and corporate perspectives.

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23 October 2006

Corporate Complicity in Human Rights Violations

Author: Minister of Finance Kristin Halvorsen, opening statement - Council on Ethics' Workshop

In the context of the management of the Pension Fund – Global [previously known as the Petroleum Fund], we have defined two main ethical obligations: Firstly, the obligation to ensure financial returns so that future generations will benefit from the oil wealth. Secondly, the obligation to respect fundamental rights for those who are affected by the companies in which the Fund invests...Norges Bank – Norway’s central bank –is operational manager of the Fund...[and] has laid down principles for its ownership strategy which are in accordance with the UN Global Compact and the OECD Principles of Corporate Governance and for Multinational Enterprises. This mechanism comprises many activities and many areas, from voting at general engaging actively with specific companies in areas such as environment and human rights...Exclusion of companies is a measure of last resort...

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