2016 Pilot Companies

Corporate Human Rights Benchmark: Criteria for selecting Companies for the Pilot Ranking 2016

HOW many companies?

The Corporate Human Rights Benchmark (CHRB) pilot ranking for 2016 will benchmark 100 publicly listed companies.  

WHAT industries?

Companies selected are from the Extractives, Apparel and Agricultural Products industries.

These industries were chosen following multi-stakeholder consultations and take into account:    

a)    the severity of human rights impacts of the industry,

b)    the extent of previous work on human rights in the industry, including through industry-specific initiatives,

c)    the existence of other human rights-related benchmarks covering the industry, and

d)    the global economic significance (in terms of size) of the industry.

ON what basis have companies been selected?

Companies have been selected to be part of the CHRB according to their market capitalisation as per the FT 500.

In the pilot benchmark, the 100 companies from the Extractives, Apparel and Agricultural Products industries have been selected taking into consideration the following criteria:

1. Market Capitalisation according to the FT 500;


2. The company derives at least 20% of revenues from the relevant industry.

In addition to these two criteria the CHRB will ensure:

Geographical balance:  At least six companies per continent (based on Forbes 2000), according to market capitalisation, are included in the benchmark.


Industry balance:The top ten companies, according to market capitalisation (based on Forbes 2000), per industry are included in the benchmark.

Additional Notes

If a company derives at least 20% of its revenues from one relevant industry and also derive revenues of at least 15% or GBP 1bn from another industry covered by the Benchmark, it will be benchmarked against both industries. For example, retailers may be benchmarked against both Apparel and Agricultural Products Industries. 

In order to manage the possible changes in ownership of companies during the research process, CHRB will research and analyse 108 companies to ensure that we have at least 100 publically listed companies for the ranking.

The above results in a list of 106 companies as follows:

  • 42 Extractives
  • 34 Agricultural Products
  • 22 Apparel
  • 8 in both Agricultural Products and Apparel

Please see the list of companies per sector below.

Selected companies