Consultation Feedback


The Corporate Human Rights Benchmark (CHRB) thanks all stakeholders for their insights and contributions to the CHRB draft framework and draft list of indicators

The Steering Committee of the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark (CHRB) would like to thank all stakeholders for their thoughtful contribution and insights to the two consultation processes held in 2015 and 2016 respectively. The documents consulted on are available here.

After receiving feedback from over 400 individuals and organisations we are now focusing on revising and improving the Benchmark’s framework, methodology and indicators.

Here you will find reports of CHRB consultations meetings,  public feedback to the online consultation and a list of all individuals and organisations consulted during this phase. Once we have fully analysed and reflected on all the inputs received we will publish a document with a summary of the main issues raised during the consultation phase.

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Feb 2016 Consultation | 2015 Consultation | Public Feedback | Participants

Feb 2016 Consultation

Response from Adidas, Feb 2016

Response from BHP Billiton, Feb 2016

Response from RAFI team, Shift and Mazars, Feb 2016

Response from ICCR, Feb 2016

Response from ICMM, Feb 2016

Response from IPIECA, Feb 2016

Response from International Organization of Employers, Feb 2016

Response from GRIFeb 2016

Response from Minority Rights Group International, Feb 2016

Public Feedback to February 2016 Corporate Human Rights Benchmark Online Consultation, Feb 2016

Multi-Stakeholder Consultation Reports:

Summary Report: Key insights and revised approach, December 2015

CHRB Consultation Report Paris, June 2015

CHRB Consultation Report Amsterdam, June 2015

CHRB Consultation Report London, July 2015

CHRB Consultation Report Johannesburg, Aug 2015

CHRB Consultation Report São Paulo, Aug 2015

CHRB Consultation Report New York, Sept 2015

Public Feedback to the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark Online Consultation, October 2015

Public Feedback:

 Response from Columbia University Business and Human Rights Clinic, October 2015

 Response from the participants in the Business and Human Rights Conference in Tokyo, October 2015

 Response from United States Council for International Business, October 2015

 Response from UN Global Compact Network UK, October 2015

 Response from US Chamber of Commerce, October 2015

 Response from IPIECA, October 2015

 Response from European Coalition for Corporate Justice, October 2015

 Response from Global CSR, October 2015

 Response from Facing Finance, September 2015

 Response from MSI Integrity, September 2015

 Response from NYU Stern Centre for Business & Human Rights, September 2015

 Response from Shift and Mazars, September 2015

 Response from International Corporate Accountability Roundtable, September 2015

 Response Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, September 2015

 Response from International Council on Mining and Minerals, September 2015

 Response from International Organisation of Employers, August 2015


Organisations and Individuals Consulted

List of organisations and individuals consulted