Corporate Legal Accountability Quarterly Bulletin - Issue 16, April 2015

Author: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, Published on: 15 April 2015

Welcome to our Corporate Legal Accountability Quarterly Bulletin -- highlighting a specific topic each quarter, as well as key developments in corporate legal accountability.  The Corporate Legal Accountability hub on our website provides objective, concise information about lawsuits against companies in which human rights abuses are alleged...

Quarterly Highlight: Legislative efforts to hold parent companies legally accountable...The legal accountability of parent companies for activities of their subsidiaries abroad is the focus of current and recent legislative efforts in several countries, primarily in Europe...

Brazil research mission: The aim of this mission was to meet with lawyers and advocates to learn more about what is being done in Brazil to hold companies legally accountable for human rights abuses, as well as gaps that exist and how they can be closed...Two issues stood out during this visit – efforts to hold companies legally accountable for using forced/slave labour, and legal efforts of local communities to protect themselves from harms caused by large infrastructure and extractive projects...[refers to African Barrick Gold (now Acacia), Auchan, Barrick Gold, Blackwater, Boliden, BP, Eternit, Gympanzee Nursery, Kaweri (part of Neumann Gruppe), Nevsun, Oktyabrskaya Railroad, Ralph Lauren, Shell, Signal International, Tahoe Resources, Trafigura Beheer, Villaggio Mall]

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