Asia & Pacific


Donald K. Anton

Location(s): Griffith University Law School, Nathan, Queensland, Australia, +61 424 164 426
Area(s) of law: Environment; Law of the Sea
Representative case(s): Shell lawsuit (re Nigeria - Kiobel & Wiwa); Texaco/Chevron lawsuits (re Ecuador)
Lawyer(s): Donald Anton, [email protected]

Human Rights Law Centre

Location: Melbourne, Australia, +61 (03) 8636 4450
Area(s) of law: General business & human rights; International human rights law; Constitutional law; Civil litigation
Representative case(s): OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises Specific Instance – G4S Australia Pty Ltd 
Lawyer(s): Keren Adams, [email protected]

Kristen Roy

Location: Sydney, Australia
Area(s) of law: Environment; Access to justice; Class action; Personal injury law; General business & human rights; International human rights law; Civil litigation
Representative case(s)Trafigura lawsuits (re Côte d’Ivoire)Shell lawsuit (re oil spills & Bodo community in Nigeria)Vedanta Resources lawsuit (re water contamination, Zambia); Sanda v PTTEP (Montara oil spill in West Timor)
Lawyer(s): Kristen Roy, [email protected]



AMRIN Law and Consultants Group

       Location(s): Phnom Penh, Cambodia, +855 12 71 23 71
       Area(s) of law: International human rights; Criminology; Fair trial rights
       Representative case(s):
       Lawyer(s): Piseth Duch, [email protected]; Sam Oeun Sok, [email protected]

BBC Law Firm 

Location(s): Phnom Penh, Cambodia, +855 12 606 101
Area(s) of law: human rights; international human rights; criminal law; fair trial rights
Representative case(s): human rights defenders' cases
Lawyer(s): Sokong Sam, [email protected]; [email protected]

Center for Alliance of Labor & Human Rights

Location(s): Phnom Penh, Cambodia, +855 93 556 603
Area(s) of law: Labour law; human rights law; criminal law
Representative case(s): Union leaders and labour activists
Lawyer(s): Sunrith Ham, [email protected] ; Sambo Chhen, [email protected] or [email protected]

Daun Penh Law Firm      

Location(s): Phnom Penh, Cambodia, +855 12 680 233
Area(s) of law: Criminal law; human rights law; fair trial rights
Representative case(s): Environmental activists and human rights defenders
Lawyer(s): Chamroern Sam, [email protected]

Khmer Apsara Law Firm

Location(s): Phnom Penh, Cambodia, +855 12 48 35 46
Area(s) of law: human rights; business; fair trial rights; rights to fundamental freedoms
Representative case(s): The Equitable Cambodia’s defamation case
Lawyer(s): Bunthoeun Suon, [email protected] 

Rights & Business Law Office

Location(s): Phnom Penh, Cambodia, +855 12 890 289
Area(s) of law: Criminal law; international human rights; business and human rights; indigenous rights; land law
Representative case(s): Communities’ land cases 
Lawyer(s): Sophorn Sek, [email protected]; [email protected]    

Samreth Law Group

Location(s): Phnom Penh, Cambodia, +855 23 99 69 58
Area(s) of law: Environment; Land rights; Labour
Representative case(s): Complaints against development company (re land & indigenous people); Lawsuit against Sinohydro (re impact of dam)
Ith Mathoura, [email protected]; Ly Ping, [email protected]; Hong Chansokha, [email protected]

Solidarity Center  

Location(s): Phnom Penh, Cambodia, , +855 23 881 202
Area(s) of law: Labor law; criminal law; human rights rights
Representative case(s): Union leaders
Sambath Hong, [email protected]; Bon Heng, [email protected]



Location(s): Guangzhou, China, +86 27 34179797
Area(s) of law: Discrimination
Representative case(s): Lawsuit against company (re pregnancy discrimination)
Lawyer(s): Guo Bin, [email protected]



Human Rights Law Network

Location(s): New Delhi, India +91-11-24374501
Area(s) of law: Public interest litigation; Labour rights; Anti-trafficking; Environment
Representative case(s): 
 Colin Gonsalves, Harsh Dobhal, Sanjai Sharma, [email protected]


Location(s): Kerala, India 
Area(s) of law: Public interest litigation; Equality; Anti-trafficking; Environment; Consumer Protection; Right to Information; Right to Service 
Representative case(s)
 Adv.George Pulikuthiyil, [email protected]; Adv.P.Sunilkumar, [email protected]; Adv.C.P.Maya, [email protected]



"Erik" - Desriko Malayu Putra

Location(s): Jakarta, Indonesia
Area(s) of law: Private Law, Civil Law, Adminitrative, Human Rights, etc
Representative case(s):
Lawyer(s): Desriko, [email protected][email protected]

LBH Jakarta (Jakarta Legal Aid Institute)

Location(s): Jakarta, Indonesia, +62 21 31 45 518
Area(s) of law: Freedom of Expression; Privacy; Unfair trial; Access to water
Representative case(s):
Febi Yonesta, [email protected]; [email protected] 



Bar Council Environment & Climate Change Committee

Location(s): Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, +603 2050 2099, Officer in charge: Ms. Shegi [email protected]
Area(s) of law: 
Public interest environmental law, constitutional law, administrative law, human rights
Representative case(s): 
No ongoing cases at the moment.
 i) Saha Deva ([email protected]), Co-Chairperson ii) Jia Yaw, Co-Chairperson iii) Roger Chan ([email protected]) Deputy Chairperson



Legal Clinic Myanmar

Location(s): Yangon, +95 (0)9 450048660, +95 (0)9-33376993, +95 (0)9-33376994; Rakhine, +95 (0)9 250883064; Kachin, +95 (0)9-254278326; Meik Hti Lar, +95 (0)-450542182; Pya Pone, +95 (0)-421747308; Mandalay, +95 (0)9-43100734
Area(s) of law:
Human trafficking; Children; Labour; Torture; Migrant women; Beatings & violence
Representative case(s):
Lawyer(s): Click here for detailed contact list 

Dawei Probono Lawyer Network

Location(s): Dawei City, Tanintharyi Division, Myanmar, +95 -9 450 990 238
Area(s) of law: Land rights; Access to water; Environment
Representative case(s): Myanmar Pongpipat lawsuit (re environmental & health impact of Heinda tin mine)
Lawyer(s): Daw Aye Mon Thu, [email protected]; Daw Tin Tin Thet, [email protected]; Daw Naw Pa Saw Phaw, Daw Mi Mi Soe; [email protected]




Location(s): Quezon City, Philippines, +632 4266001 loc. 4858-4860
Area(s) of law: Land rights; Labour; Environment
Representative case(s): Aerial spraying ban lawsuit (re banana companies in Philippines)
Lawyer(s): Marie Hazel E. Lavitoria, [email protected]; [email protected]


Locations(s): Quezon City, Philippines, +63-2-436547 
Area(s) of law: 
Business & Human Rights, Tax, International Trade, & Labor
Respresentative case(s):
Lawyer(s): Antonio Salvador, Melissa Jane Comafay, [email protected]



Community Resource Centre

Location(s): Bangkok, Thailand, +66 817 725 843
Area(s) of law: Environment; Indigenous peoples; Health
Representative case(s): Lawsuit against Electric Generating Authority of Thailand (re purchase of electricity from Xayaburi dam in Laos)
Sor Rattanamanee Polkla, [email protected]; [email protected]