Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights calls for human rights to be at the centre of AI design

Author: Dunja Mijatović, Council of Europe, Published on: 26 February 2019

[U]nfettered technological development may uproot the human rights protection system we painstakingly built over the past 70 years... AI in fact can negatively affect a wide range of our human rights, from privacy and equality to freedom of expression and assembly... [I] looked at how older persons and their human rights are affected by the use of artificial intelligence and robots in social and care services. NGOs alerted me about difficulties linked to the use of automated decision-making in social benefits services. 

... [T]he existing human rights framework must apply and the concerns and rights of everyone put at the centre of AI systems’ design, deployment and implementation. This applies to public entities and the private sector alike. Since States bear the responsibility to respect, protect and fulfill every person’s human rights, it is their duty to ensure that private companies which design, develop or use AI systems do not violate human rights standards. This can happen by engaging more resolutely with tech industries to make them aware of the necessity to incorporate human rights in the design of AI systems and push them to assess the human rights impact of these systems. 

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