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Critical Look at How Companies Report on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Author: Sethi International Center for Corporate Accountability, Inc., Published on: 18 October 2010

Sethi CSR Monitor has analyzed reports by 514 companies selected from a worldwide database...findings are offered in a just-released study, Making Sense of CSR 2010...companies in Europe have better quality reports than their counterparts in the United States...The analysis does not evaluate...these reports against independent external standards...Instead, it compares the content and quality of…reports against their peers in the industry, country and region...Poorly performing companies invite adverse public reaction and are encouraged to improve their performance...Companies…continue to emphasize philanthropic activities in their CSR-S reports...The most important shortfall in the CSR-S reports is the reluctance of the companies to provide independent external assurance as to the integrity of the factual data provided…[Refers to: Adobe Systems, Aetna Inc., Alcoa Inc., Barrick Gold, BHP Billiton Ltd., BMW, Goldman Sachs, Husky Energy, Hyundai Motor, Infosys Technologies, Lufthansa, Samsung, Sinopec, Sunoco, Unilever]

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