CSR is dead, long live social enterprise

Author: Dermot Egan, Guardian [UK], Published on: 9 August 2011

Corporate social responsibility...has been around as a term since the 60s but it really came to prominence in the last decade when large multinationals began to adopt the phrase to demonstrate that they were serious about delivering a positive social impact on the communities in which they operated...The explosion in popularity of social enterprises recently is a direct consequence of the inability of existing companies to grasp the new reality that a company's core purpose must be to deliver positive social impact and not to simply minimise negative impacts while ultimately focusing on maximising profit in the short-term...As we move towards the shared value model, more questions will be asked of companies. The measure will not simply be profit, but to what end profit is pursued, how it is gained and what is its impact. [also refers to PepsiCo, Shell, Barclays, British American Tobacco, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, SC Johnson]

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