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Custer Battles

Headquarters in USA

Custer Battles website: www.custerbattles.com 

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1 July 2011

Combating Impunity

Author: Business and Human Rights Documentation Project (B-HRD)

[sections include: "Business Impacts on Human Rights" - with links to statements/responses by CACI, Triple Canopy, Blackwater Worldwide, Crescent Security Group, KBR, Erinys; "Demanding Justice"; "Human Rights Defenders"]

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24 October 2010

Use of Contractors Added to War’s Chaos in Iraq

Author: James Glanz and Andrew W Lehren, New York Times

Even now — with many contractors discredited for unjustified shootings and a lack of accountability amply described in the documents [300,000 classified military documents made public by WikiLeaks] — the [US] military cannot do without them. There are...

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1 December 2008

[PDF] Code of Conduct: Tool for Self-Regulation for Private Military and Security Companies

Author: Nils Rosemann, published by Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF)

This study aims to illustrate patterns of behavioural rules derived from corporate obligations, and to deduce from these a draft Code of Conduct (CoC) for Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs). The purpose of a Code of Conduct for [PMSCs] is...

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5 February 2008

Human Rights First, “Private Security Contractors at War: Ending the Culture of Impunity”: company responses & non-responses

Author: Compiled by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

In January 2008 Human Rights First published the report "Private Security Contractors at War: Ending the Culture of Impunity”...Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited seven private security companies to respond...[As of 2 Feb 2008]:...

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Company non-response
30 January 2008

Custer Battles did not respond to: "Private Security Contractors at War: Ending the Culture of Impunity", report by Human Rights First.

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16 January 2008

Human Rights First report says failure to hold private security contractors accountable for abuses has created a “culture of impunity"

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16 January 2008

[PDF] full report: "Private Security Contractors at War: Ending the Culture of Impunity"

Author: Human Rights First

This report examines the dramatically expanded role of private security contractors (PSCs) in Iraq and Afghanistan. It describes the failure of the U.S. government to effectively control their actions, and in particular the inability or unwillingness...

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29 October 2006

[PDF] full report: "Corporate Mercenaries - The threat of private military and security companies"

Author: War on Want

The following pages examine the rapid expansion of private military and security companies (PMSCs), particularly as a result of the occupation of Iraq. As well as providing information on the activities of these companies, the report urges all readers...

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