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1 December 2009

[PDF] Biofuels, land access and rural livelihoods in Tanzania

Author: Emmanuel Sulle and Fred Nelson, International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

Growing demand for biofuels is being driven by recent high oil prices, energy security concerns, and global climate change…The potential impact of biofuel production on the price of food crops in Tanzania is already a major concern. Most important for...

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29 June 2007

[audio] Are biofuels causing more harm than good? [skip to 13:50 minutes]

Author: Helena Paul, EcoNexus & Lord Oxborough, former chairman Shell, chairman D1 Oils, on BBC Radio 4 Today programme

…Helena Paul: Biofuels are a diversion from real issues…car industry in Europe is lobbying for biofuels because they want us not to think about the need to increase the efficiency of cars…Problem is that growing biofuels for Europe means importing them...

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22 June 2007

Goldman Sachs launches "GS Sustain" -- list of 44 firms it believes will outperform for environmental/social reasons

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22 June 2007

[PDF] full report: "GS Sustain"

Author: Goldman Sachs

The GS SUSTAIN focus list is aimed at long-term, long only performance, with a low turnover of ideas. It incorporates 21 identified winners from mature industries, which are set to undergo structural change or maintain a leadership position, and 23...

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