Danish company DONG Energy signals its shift to 100% renewable energy with new company name

Author: Business Wire, Published on: 13 October 2017

"DONG Energy Plans to Change Company Name to Ørsted", 2 October 2017

DONG Energy [has] announced that the company will change its name from DONG Energy to Ørsted. The decision follows the global energy company’s profound strategic transformation from black to green energy and the recent divestment of its upstream oil and gas production. The company will also phase out all use of coal by 2023… 

Over the past decade, DONG Energy has transformed from an energy company based on coal and oil to a global leader in renewable energy. The company increased earnings considerably, while building new offshore wind farms and reducing the use of coal on its power stations... “Our vision is a world that runs entirely on green energy. Climate change is one of the most serious threats to the global ecosystem, and we believe that we need to change the way we power the world. With our own transformation, we fully support the change to green energy,” [Chairman of the Board of Directors] Thomas Thune Andersen concluded.

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