Death, sanctions and big business in the struggle for Zimbabwe's diamonds

Author: Simon Goodley, Guardian [UK] , Published on: 17 February 2013

UK parliamentarians are calling for tougher measures against all Marange diamond miners, including naming them on the sanctions list, as well as asking for an investigation into...Old Mutual...that has an indirect investment in the Zimbabwean fields...Kate Hoey, who chairs the all-party parliamentary group on Zimbabwe, said Marange diamond companies were "suspected of directing millions of dollars to corrupt and violent interests associated with Zanu-PF...Old Mutual needs to be investigated for a potential breach of sanctions."...Old Mutual said: "Our holding in this investment is legal and we would never knowingly take action that did break any laws...Mbada...passed the Kimberley Process"...and...[that] an Old Mutual investigation...found "no human rights abuses" since the company had been formed...[refers to New Reclamation Group, ZMDC, Tiffany]

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