Decisions on toxic sites spark fury in 2 communities [USA]

Author: Jessica Garrison & Kim Christensen, Los Angeles Times, Published on: 3 July 2013

[The California] Department of Toxic Substances Control...took steps toward approving expansion of Chemical Waste Management's [part of Waste Management] nearly full toxic waste dump in Kettleman City by 5 million cubic yards, a 50% increase. The landfill...accepts highly toxic chemicals, including PCBs...The decision...outraged residents and activists...[The] company...failed to report 72 hazardous materials spills over [2008-2011]...Residents in the community of 1,500 believe the dump is responsible for serious illnesses...Jennifer Andrews, a spokeswoman for Chemical Waste Management, said the company was pleased with the draft permit and welcomes public input in the process...[The] Department of Toxic Substances Control...[was] thwarted in...efforts to continue the suspension of...Exide Technologies' battery recycling plant in Vernon...[which] has a history of pollution violations... On April 24, state officials temporarily closed the plant, citing arsenic emissions... The company...disputed the allegations and accused regulators of taking "arbitrary and capricious" action...Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Luis Lavin sided with the company..."This judge is contributing to more people getting sick," said Agustin Cebada, a member of a Maywood parents group.

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