Desmond Tutu states Nobel Foundation’s investment in fossil fuels incompatible with legacy of peace prize due to climate impacts on conflict

Author: Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Published on: 13 December 2016

"Time for the Nobel Peace Prize to divest from fossil fuels," 10 Dec 2016

…As laureates we are proud to have been honoured by the Nobel Foundation…for our contributions to further human rights and peace...When Alfred Nobel’s will was made public…it largely came as a surprise that the inventor of dynamite…had decided to establish a…prize for…peace…Over a century later, keeping the legacy of Nobel…alive is…important…Humanity is confronted by one of the greatest threats it has ever faced: climate change…Climate change has a multiplier effect on conflicts over resources and the impacts of climate change…Climate change has for example been linked to the rise of Boko Haram…Global warming has caused Lake Chad…to shrink…As a result, farmers and fishers were robbed of their livelihoods…The Nobel Foundation should not profit from the destruction of our climate…It is our profound belief that the business model of the fossil fuel industry to fully exploit coal, oil and gas reserves is incompatible with a safe and peaceful planet. The Nobel Foundation should not profit from the destruction of our climate…

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